Byne Blueberry Farms is an organic blueberry farm in Waynesboro, Georgia. It is one of the earliest and most famous organic farms in the South East. Please check out our line of organic blueberry products in our store and see our product highlight below.

Did you know one 10.oz jar of pure blueberry juice equals 4 pounds of blueberries? Purchase our award winning blueberry products for all of your cooking, baking, or health needs. Gain the power of pure organic blueberry goodness along with a long shelf life.

We have Local Honey stocked at KJ’S in Waynesboro and Ingles in Wrens, GA. You can find our Honey and Blueberry Powder at Earthfare in Augusta, GA.

We ship all of our online product store orders by Priority mail for fast three-day shipping right to your door. If any questions or to place an order by phone please give us a call at (706) 554-6244.